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Additional resources for information about living with chronic pain.

Our website, which is still in development (your ideas, feedback or contributions would be gratefully received). At the moment, we are particularly focussed on developing resources to support you in progressing with your exercise and activity goals. These include videos (for Tai Chi and ‘body conditioning’ exercises) and photographs.

Low Back Pain

A fast-speaking, but brilliantly drawn explanation about new onset, and persistent low back pain. It covers the things that health care professionals are concerned about and how they assess them, and also the role and limitations of investigations. It introduces the importance of physical activity and the role of our emotions and concerns. It lasts about 10 minutes – but well worth watching.

Living with chronic pain – free online CD
Developed by Neil Berry, who is an NHS Consultant Clinical Psychologist with Hampshire Community Health Care in Southampton / Hythe, this link has 10 audio tracks to help you with living alongside chronic pain: living with chronic pain; regaining control of your body; sleep and diet; medication – friend or foe?; setting goals; managing negative emotions; learning to relax your body; relaxation in a nutshell; relaxation session – introduction; relaxation

Lorimer Moseley ‘Body in mind – the role of the brain in chronic pain’ at Mind & Its Potential

Professor Lorimer Moseley, a research physiotherapist from Australia who has held a highly prestigious post at Oxford University. Here he is explaining the complexity of pain in a fun, but sometimes flippant way, but using lots of stories to help us to understand how pain works.

Pain Toolkit booklet (PDF)
This is a simple information booklet that aims to provide some handy tips and skill to support people in managing their pain. It is used nationally and has been translated into a number of different languages. One of the lead developers of the Pain Toolkit suffers from persistent pain, and sits on a number of advisory committees.

Action for Happiness
“We all want to live happy and fulfilling lives and we want the people we love to be happy too. So happiness matters to all of us.
Happiness is about our lives as a whole: it includes the fluctuating feelings we experience everyday but also our overall satisfaction with life. It is influenced by our genes, upbringing and our external circumstances – such as our health, our work and our financial situation. But crucially it is also heavily influenced by our choices – our inner attitudes, how we approach our relationships, our personal values and our sense of purpose.”

Diana Winston – The Practice of Mindfulness

A 17 minute talk (easy to listen to) describing some of the benefits and science of Mindfulness, as well as personal experience, its history and what it is. – Chronic Pain
Interviews with patients and clinicians, as well as explanatory texts. The site deals with many conditions, not just chronic pain.

Mindful – About Mindful
An excellent American website that provides a lot of background and practical information about Mindfulness. It provides links to videos, newsletters, research and world-wide links.

The Mindfulness Association
This is primarily a course about training in Mindfulness and therapies associated with it. However, it also a useful, brief and illustrated example of what Mindfulness is.

The Pain Toolkit
The Pain Toolkit is for people who live with persistent pain and Healthcare teams who support them.

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