Seminars and short courses

We are offering a range of free courses aimed to help you to understand your pain better and learn new skills to help you to cope with the physical and emotional difficulties you may be experiencing. We aim to help people feel as comfortable and as welcome as possible, so no-one will be asked to do anything that they do not wish to. If you want to share a thought or experience or ask a question during the session, then you are more than welcome to do so. At times we may discuss subjects that you may find difficult or upsetting, we urge that all participants respect others within the seminar and comply with the group rules within your starter packs. The courses are run by members of the Pain Management service.

Our seminars run on Monday afternoons between 1.30pm and 3pm, and Newton Abbot on Wednesday afternoons between 1.30pm and 3pm. The courses vary in length, with a range of one-off sessions or 3-4 week courses. For most of our courses, each session lasts for one and a half hours, with a short break halfway through. Each session begins with a brief outline of the topics covered and we will provide handouts summarising the session covered at the end..

Reconnect2Life seminars

Understanding pain – 1.5 hours

This seminar will aim to increase awareness and understanding of the complexity of pain, to improve your understanding of how we experience chronic pain, to provide an opportunity to explore questions about the nature of pain.

Activity management – 1 hour

This seminar will discuss various approaches to managing exercise levels alongside pain and how we enter into our normal daily activities. This will provide an opportunity to reflect on what drives current strategies for keeping active and how effective they are. It will build upon the science behind Understanding Pain enabling you to make more informed choices regarding activity.

Sleep management – 1.5 hours

This seminar will aim to help you understand normal sleep patterns, gain insight into how our thoughts can influence sleep and explore practical hints and tips for sleep management.

Getting started with exercise – 1 hour

This seminar will explore the reasons why exercise is an essential part of the management of persistent pain. The physiological benefits of exercise are discussed and practical ways to get started with a regular and flexible exercise routine that works for you.

Coping with the emotional impact of pain – 1.5 hours

This seminar will be delivered by a member of the pain psychology team. It aims to give you more appreciation of the impact of pain on your life and offer practical strategies for coping with the emotional impact of pain. It is not suitable if you are already on the 1:1 waiting list for pain psychology.

Reconnect2Life short courses

Tai Chi for health 4 week short course: 45 minutes once a week

This 4 week short course will introduce you to the Tai Chi form of Shibashi Qigong. Tai Chi has been shown to benefit balance, flexibility, muscle strength, relaxation, stress reduction, emotional wellbeing and increase energy levels.

Goal setting and planning for the future: 3 week course 1 hour once a week

This short course will aim to look at setting personal and achievable goals despite chronic pain. It can be very frustrating when pain gets in the way of doing the things that you want to achieve. Exploring the way we approach goals and make future plans can increase our chances of success in reaching these goals.

Attending a Reconnect2Life seminar

To attend a Reconnect2Life seminar please speak to your pain management physiotherapist, musculoskeletal outpatient physiotherapist or pain management nurse who can discuss with you the available dates for your chosen seminar and how to book on. Please note that attendance to the seminars are way of referral only and you have to be receiving active treatment by either pain management physiotherapy, musculoskeletal outpatient physiotherapy or by a pain management nurse.

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