Learning Disability Physiotherapy

  • IATT West Follaton House: 01392 385 103
  • IATT South Estuary House: 01392 388338
  • IATT Torbay Cavanna House: 01392 388315

The Learning Disability (LD) Physiotherapy team work with adults who are unable to access mainstream physiotherapy services due to their learning disability.

The LD Physiotherapists specialise in assessment of those with a complex disability who require 24 hour postural care. The team work as part of the Intensive Assessment and Treatment Team (IATT). All referrals go through this team.

The Physiotherapists use Total Communication techniques.

How to access the service

All Teignbridge and Torbay referrals are made via the Intensive Assessment and Treatment Team, dpn-tr.HealthReferral@nhs.net.

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