Inpatient services

Inpatient physiotherapy is provided 7 days a week, extended cover for Emergency Department until 5.30pm and overnight on calls.

Ward physiotherapists can be contacted via each ward’s telephone number.

Community hospitals

Ward Physiotherapists deliver physiotherapy assessment, treatment and advice to patients on the ward. They also liaise with and advise carers and the ward multi-disciplinary team.

The service aims to enable patients to regain, maintain or improve their independence, or learn to adapt to sudden or progressive disability. They will also refer on to the appropriate service as necessary on discharge from the hospital, or arrange specialist physiotherapy assessment where appropriate.

Community hospitals with ward physiotherapy:

  • Brixham
  • Dawlish
  • Newton Abbot
  • Teignmouth
  • Totnes

Torbay Hospital Trauma and Orthopaedic Team

The service covers:

  • Inpatient elective orthopaedic surgery such as joint replacements and ligament reconstruction
  • A trauma ward where a number of conditions are seen such as fractures and joint pathologies
  • Orthopaedic day surgery
  • Fracture/orthopaedic clinics
  • Paediatric trauma/orthopaedics
  • Rehabilitation and education groups for patients, pre and post discharge.

Torbay Hospital Inpatient Physiotherapy Team

The team provides input to patients on the medical (e.g. Care of the elderly, Cardio, Respiratory, Oncology) and general surgical wards as well as ICU, Paediatrics and Accident and Emergency.

Physiotherapy in an inpatient setting involves:

  • assessment
  • exercises to build strength, stamina and stability
  • stroke rehabilitation
  • respiratory physiotherapy – including airways clearance
  • oxygen therapy and positioning
  • post-operative advice
  • equipment provision
  • education and referral on to other services.

Physiotherapists work closely within a multi-disciplinary team to plan safe discharges and ensure an appropriate level of support and equipment is available for people on discharge home.

Services available for patients to be referred on to include:

  • Intermediate care
  • Community Physiotherapy
  • St Kildas inpatient community rehab centre
  • Musculoskeletal outpatients
  • Rheumatology
  • Vestibular rehabilitation
  • Early Supported Discharge for stoke patients
  • Community Neuro Rehabilitation
  • Fitness instructor
  • Post ICU exercise class
  • Pulmonary rehab
  • Cardiac rehab

Teign Ward Inpatient Stroke Rehabilitation

Newton Abbot Stroke Unit (Teign ward) has 15 beds and provides rehabilitation as part of a pathway for people with stroke across South Devon. The unit accepts patients over the age of 16 who are medically stable, and provides inpatient care prior to supported discharge into the community.

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