Peer support service

We recognise that working together, in partnership, is vital to recovery. We have a growing network of people with lived experience of addiction. Their experiences can help and support you to overcome your own struggles with addiction.

What is a peer supporter?

A peer supporter is available to anyone using the services at Walnut Lodge. They are a person with ‘lived’ experience. They can help you in a variety of ways such as in developing your recovery plan, supporting you in engaging in recovery activities or even through sharing their own experiences to help you.

Your named recovery coordinator will be able to link you with your own Peer Supporter as part of your recovery plan. We would strongly recommend that you make use of your peer supporter as part of your recovery journey – they are a real asset.

Peer support groups

A Carer Support Worker is based at Shrublands and runs regular peer support groups.

Could you be a peer supporter?

Would you be interested in becoming a peer supporter?

If you are interested and would like some more information, then please contact the Service User and Recovery lead at Walnut Lodge on 01803 604330.