Hearing aids instructional videos

Audiology – Hearing Care have created a few short videos to help you make the most of your new hearing aids. The videos will guide you through:

  • Inserting your hearing aids
  • Cleaning your hearing aids
  • Changing the batteries
  • Retubing your hearing aids

These videos have been designed to supplement the information you will have been given at your hearing aid fitting appointment.

How to use a Sonido Digital Listener

How to retube your moulded hearing aid

Insert your thin tube hearing aid

Insert your moulded hearing aid

Clean your thin tube hearing aid

Clean your moulded hearing aid

Help someone insert their thin tube hearing aid

Help someone insert their moulded hearing aid

Replace your hearing aid batteries

Hearing aid repairs – Torbay Hospital

For information and repairs to hearing aids any patient with an NHS hearing aid can attend these open access sessions at Torbay hospital – no appointment necessary but these do run on a first come first serve basis so waiting times may be long:

  • Tuesday 9am – 11am
  • Thursday 2pm – 4pm
  • Friday 9am – 11am

Booked repair appointments are also available at all of our clinics.

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