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Action on Hearing Loss/Deafness Research UK
(Formerly RNID) is the largest charity in the UK campaigning, lobbying and raising awareness of deafness and hearing loss.

ADP UK are an organisation who aim to gain national recognition of Audiotory Processing Disorder in the UK, especially in the spheres of education and employment. They provide support for individual APD sufferers and their families through a website, helpline, self help networks and various internet forums.

Brixham Ace
This provides recreational activities and education in Torbay for adults with disabilities. Also offers respite for carers within Torbay.

British Association of Teachers of the Deaf (BAToD)
Professional association of teachers of deaf people. Provides information, advice, training and education and runs conferences and workshops. Produces a magazine and ‘Deafness and Education International’- a refereed journal.

British Tinnitus Association
The British Tinnitus Association (BTA) is a world leader in providing support and advice about tinnitus. It provides accurate, reliable and authoritative information, much of it written by medical professionals or clinical researchers.

CI South West
A social group for cochlear implant users and candidates in the South West of England.

Cochlear Implanted Children’s Support Group
Founded by parents whose children have cochlear implants, the CICS Group was formed to help others whose children already have implants and those who are thinking about an implant for their child.

Cochlear Implant Users Group
This is a support group set up within ‘Yahoo Groups’ on the Internet. Based in Bristol and founded in July 2004 by Alison Patuck, it is aimed at all cochlear implant users within the UK, regardless of age or choice of manufacturer.

Connevans Ltd
A company that sells electric sound equipment, including a range of products designed for people with hearing loss. The hearing loss products include telephones, voice amplifiers, alarm clocks and batteries.

Devon Disability Tennis
Highlights disabled tennis in Devon (including deaf tennis) with team details and how to join.

A website that provides information on all public services. There is a section within it which focuses on the support and assistance offered by public services to people with disabilities.

Disability Cricket
Highlights disabled cricket (including deaf teams) in Devon with team details and how to join.

Down’s Syndrome Association
The DSA exists to create the environment where people with Down’s syndrome can fulfil their individual potential. They provide information about all aspects of living with Down’s syndrome including specialist advisers on social security benefits, education and health.

Emergency SMS
If you cannot make voice calls, you can now contact the 999 emergency services by SMS from your mobile phone. This has been designed specifically for people with hearing loss or difficulty with speech. You will only be able to use this service if you register with Emergency SMS first. To register text register to 999 and then follow the instructions you are sent in the reply text. (Please do not send test or non emergency texts).

European Federation of Hard of Hearing People
It is the umbrella body for National Associations of/for Hard of Hearing and Late-Deafened People, Parents’ Organisations and Professional Organisations. It exists to represent hard of hearing people at European level in dialogue with the European Union, the Members of the European Parliament, and other European authorities.

Hard of Hearing Yahoo Group
This is a support group set up within ‘Yahoo Groups’ on the Internet. It aims to be a friendly support group for people with hearing loss who want to share thoughts, views and experiences with other people who have hearing loss.

Hearing Dogs for the Deaf
Hearing Dogs for Deaf People is a national charity and centre of excellence in training dogs to alert deaf people to important sounds and danger signals in the home, work place and public buildings.

Hear It
This is an international non-profit and non-commercial organisation. It collects and circulates news, information and personal stories relating to hearing impairments and the human and socio-economic consequences. The website has lots of useful and interesting articles.

Hearing Link
Hearing Link is a UK hearing loss organisation that helps you find the right information, appropriate services, and meaningful connections with other people. It also offers services such as personalised peer support through their network of community support volunteers, and this support is available by email, letter, text, telephone or sometimes by face-to-face meeting depending on your location and communication preferences.
If you are interested in becoming a volunteer or would like a volunteer to contact you, email

Hearing Times
Hearing Times is the only national UK newspaper for deaf and hard of hearing people, their relatives and friends, audiologists and professionals in the hearing industry and equipment manufacturers and dispensers.

I Can
I CAN Help is a range of information services that provide help and advice to parents and practitioners about speech, language and communication. It includes a free call-back service with a speech and language therapist, Talking Point – the website dedicated to speech and language, and I CAN’s assessment services.

Kingsbridge and District Tinnitus and Hard of Hearing Group
problems. They have speakers on related subjects and have in attendance a hearing therapist and a representative of the RNID. They welcome new members at any time. Membership fee is £6 a year. A Conversor Multipack is provided to help with hearing during the meetings.
For further information and meeting dates please contact Brenda Winter on 01548 581433 or visit

National Association of Deafened People
The NADP provides information and support for deafened people who have lost all or most of their useful hearing, and for their families and friends, to help enable them to regain their independence and enjoy the best quality of life. The NADP is run by and for deafened people.

National Biomedical Research Unit in Hearing
The National Biomedical Research Unit in Hearing was established in 2008 as part of the NHS National Institute for Health Research. Its work covers: Child & Family; Habilitation for Hearing Loss; Internet Research Portal; Perception and Performance; Principled Design of Game-based Auditory Learning Environments; Reducing Listening Effort; and Tinnitus.

National Cochlear Implant Users Association (NCIUA)
The NCIUA is the sole Association in the UK that represents all Cochlear Implant users.

NDCS (National Deaf Children’s Society)
The national charity for deaf children and their families.
Website: including details for the local South West group.

The NHS website
This is the online ‘front door’ to the NHS. It provides factual information on the ear, on hearing loss, tinnitus and other hearing-related issues. It explains how to get an NHS hearing aid, and it provides information on NHS services that are available in England.

NHS Newborn Hearing Screening Programme
The NHS New-born Hearing Screening Programme (NHSP) offers all parents in England the opportunity to have their baby’s hearing screened shortly after birth. It aims to identify hearing loss early in new-born babies. Early diagnosis enables earlier intervention and support leading to better outcomes for children.

SayWhatClub is an online community of adults with hearing loss. It has an international membership.

Sense is a national charity that supports and campaigns for adults and children who are deafblind. Services include: one-to-one support to help people live independently, communicator guides, housing, holidays and employment opportunities.

The Sensory Team
The Sensory Team are a specialist team in Torbay and Devon providing services to people who are hearing or visually impaired.
The Sensory team can visit at home and provide support and advice to you and, if appropriate, your carer, that may help you to live more independently. This can include help managing your hearing aid or advice on equipment to help you hear better around the home.
Devon Sensory Team:
Torbay Sensory Team:

Sound Base
Sound Base is an advice and information centre in Exeter aiming to improve life for people with hearing difficulties. Sound Base offers a free impartial service where you can talk to an adviser about hearing loss and try out communication equipment before you buy.

The Coalition of Disabled People South Devon
Based in Torbay, we are people with physical, sensory or learning disabilities, mental health conditions, long term health conditions, older people whose abilities have changed, carers and friends.

The Ear Foundation
A charity that set up to help and advice profoundly deaf people who are considering using the latest technological interventions such as Cochlear Implants and Bone-Anchored Hearing Aids.

The Ear Foundation BAHA Support Group
A group set up to support people who have a Bone Anchored Hearing Aid System (BAHA).

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