Visiting times vary from ward to ward. Please check visiting times with the ward staff and let your relatives and friends know. During visiting hours we may have to ask your visitors to wait in the Day Room or outside the ward while we undertake nursing procedures.

If you wish to visit a patient on any of the wards at Torbay Hospital we ask you to assist us in protecting our patients from infections by:

  • Staying at home if you have a cold, infection or stomach upset and only visiting if you have had no symptoms for at least 48 hours or – if you feel your visit is essential – first ringing the ward for advice
  • Keeping children, especially babies, at home because they are vulnerable to germs and infections brought into hospital – see our Visitors’ Charter.
  • Washing your hands before and after your ward visit, using soap and water or hospital hand gel dispensers on wards
  • Using the chairs at patients’ bedsides to sit on, not their beds.

Please check what visiting times and gifts are appropriate for each ward.

For your comfort and that of other patients in the ward, please try to restrict your visitors to two at a time. The nursing staff can help you deal tactfully with visitors if there are too many or if they stay longer than you wish.

Visitors are asked to be sensitive to the needs of all patients in hospital for quiet and privacy. They can speak to the ward staff if they have any particular questions about visiting arrangements. There is more information about visiting in our ‘Visitors Charter‘.

Relatives and friends should not visit if they are unwell and particularly if they are or have been suffering from sickness or diarrhoea.

Please tell your Named Nurse if there is anything you do not want your next of kin to know about your condition or treatment. You can also tell your Named Nurse how much or how little you want visitors or telephone callers to know about your hospital stay.

Visitors should check with your Named Nurse or the Ward Manager before bringing perishable food (other than fruit, confectionery and drinks) on to the ward. Some wards discourage flowers and visitors are asked to check with ward staff.