When you first arrive

Simple steps to keep you safe during your hospital stay.

A nurse will welcome you to the ward and tell you some of the things you need to know about being in hospital.

As soon as possible please tell the nurse if you:

  • have any valuables or large amounts of money that you had to bring with you. The nurse will arrange for these to be put in the hospital safe. We cannot accept liability for loss or damage to personal goods unless they have been given to us for safe keeping. You will be given a receipt. Please keep this in a safe place as you will need it when you want to collect your valuables,

  • need someone to deal with your Social Security Pension or Benefit,

  • need a medical certificate while in hospital,

  • have had to leave your car in the hospital car park. Special arrangements can be made in these circumstances,

  • have any special needs that we should know about such as problems with your sight or hearing, or if you need help with eating and drinking,

  • are concerned about any arrangements at home that you need help to sort out,

  • have a Living Will that you wish to have placed in your notes.