Anaesthesia leaflets

Anaesthesia and related information leaflets.

Title Date published
Awake Fibre Optic Intubation 12 Feb 2021
Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing 26 Aug 2022
Cell Salvage 29 Oct 2021
Day Surgery Unit - Information Pack 29 Apr 2019
Difficult Airway Card: Information about your 12 Sep 2020
Facet joint injections and Medial Branch Blocks (Pain Leaflet 3) 4 Jun 2021
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) Pain Relief for Drug Chart 8 Jun 2022
Goal Setting 12 Apr 2012
Having surgery after Breast Cancer Treatment 20 Oct 2017
Intravenous (IV) Iron Infusion 12 Feb 2021
Lidocaine Plasters: for Rib Fracture and Total Knee/ Hip Replacement Protocols 31 Jan 2022
Lidocaine Plasters: Outpatient Pain Management Clinic 31 Jan 2022
Lumbar Facet Joint Denervation (Pain Leaflet 4) 28 Apr 2021
Lumbar Nerve Root Injection (Pain Leaflet 1) 26 Apr 2021
New Statement About Timing of Elective Surgery Soon After Infection with the Virus Causing COVID-19 16 May 2022
Pain Relief After Birth and While Breastfeeding 28 May 2022
Sacroiliac Joint Injection (Pain Leaflet 5) 28 Apr 2021
Self-administration of Medication in Hospital After Childbirth (SAM) 28 May 2022
Steroid Epidural Injections, Cervical, Thoracic and Lumbar and Sacral (Caudal) (Pain Leaflet 2) 4 Jun 2021
Suprascapular Nerve Denervation (Pain Leaflet 6) 18 Oct 2021
Urgent and Emergency Surgery in the Day Surgery Unit: Information for patients 6 Mar 2020
What is Skin Prick Testing? 10 Jun 2022

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