Respiratory Medicine leaflets

Respiratory Medicine and related information leaflets.

TitleDate published
Bronchoscopy: Information for Inpatients about2 Oct 2014
Chest Drain Insertion18 Aug 2015
COPD Rescue Pack - Information for Community Pharmacies14 Jul 2016
COPD Rescue Pack - Information for Prescribers14 Jul 2016
COPD Rescue Pack Information Leaflet14 Jul 2016
COPD Self Management Plan Leaflet1 Aug 2016
Maximising your food intake with breathing difficulties1 Dec 2014
Nebuliser guidance for patients starting regular nebulised therapy14 Nov 2014
PET CT Scanning: Information About13 Nov 2017
Pulmonary Rehabilitation Programme: About the14 Nov 2014
Thoracocentisis (pleural aspiration or pleural tap)18 Aug 2015

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