Maternity Services leaflets

Maternity Services and related information leaflets.

TitleDate published
20 Week Fetal Anomaly Scan - What will happen at12 Apr 2019
Amniocentesis/chorionic villi sampling (CVS) - post test information8 May 2018
Anaemia in Pregnancy9 Aug 2019
Aspirin in Pregnancy and Pre-Eclampsia12 Nov 2018
Breast feeding information for women - Breastfeeding with diabetes: yes you can!24 Jul 2015
Carbon Monoxide Testing24 May 2019
Cell Salvage30 Oct 2020
Community Birth: At home or the Whitelake Midwifery Led Unit31 Jan 2020
Coping in labour - Pain relief16 Jul 2021
Coping in labour - Positions for labour and birth24 May 2019
Coping in labour - Stages of labour4 Jun 2021
Coping with a crying baby - the power to protect22 Mar 2018
D negative mother’s blood test to check her unborn baby’s blood group24 Jan 2020
Dating and Combined Screening Test - What will happen at12 Apr 2019
Dichorionic Twin Pregnancy5 May 2016
Elective Caesarean Section27 May 2021
Fetal movements - Feeling your baby move is a sign that they are well10 Mar 2020
Following a Higher Chance Result (Maternity Screening Tests)21 Feb 2021
Gestational Diabetes Group29 Mar 2019
Gestational Diabetes: A Guide to Insulin in Pregnancy11 Mar 2019
Hyperemesis Gravidarum (Pregnancy Sickness)17 Jan 2020
Information for Women Receiving Methotrexate23 Jul 2018
Local Induction of Labour1 Feb 2016
Managing your weight in pregnancy9 Jun 2015
Monochorionic Twin Pregnancy5 May 2016
Outpatient induction of labour27 May 2018
PAPP-A (Pregnancy associated plasma protein - A)20 Apr 2018
Protecting your baby from Low Blood Glucose29 Jul 2019
Smoking and Pregnancy: The Risks24 Apr 2020
The Preventing Preterm Birth Clinic19 Jun 2021
Torbay, Teignbridge and South Hams Maternity Services Liaison Committee21 Mar 2006
Ultrasound videoing and image policy21 May 2015
Using the Al-sense panty liner to detect Amniotic Fluid23 Jul 2018
Why do I need to see an anaesthetist during my pregnancy - information for pregnant women with a high body mass index (BMI)13 Jun 2017
Why screening tests are offered in pregnancy11 Mar 2021
Withdrawal symptoms in babies. Information for parents on prescribed medication4 Sep 2020
Women who have a raised BMI in pregnancy9 Jun 2015
You have elevated levels of Carbon Monoxide - What does this mean?9 Feb 2018

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