Preoperative Assessment Clinic

Patient having blood pressure measured by nurse

Nurse-led Preoperative Assessment Clinic

After you have decided to proceed with surgery you will be asked to arrange a preoperative assessment appointment where you will be seen by a registered nurse to assess your general health and medical history. Whenever possible this is carried out on the same day as your surgical outpatient appointment. However occasionally we may need you to return for a separate appointment.

The appointment letter will outline what you need to do. You will need to bring all of your current medications and they must be the original packaging. Please also bring a copy of your repeat prescription from your GP listing all your medications. This will enable the nurse to make an accurate record.

During or after this clinic further tests may be arranged for example blood tests, x-rays or tracings of your heart. This helps your medical team to consider any medical problems, which may affect your risks and complications following the anaesthetic and surgery.

You can ask questions and discuss any concerns you may have during this clinic.

Anaesthetist Preoperative Assessment Clinic

If the preoperative assessment nurse requires any further clarification regarding your pre-existing medical conditions and or medications in relation to you having surgery, they may refer you to the Anaesthetist led preoperative assessment clinic where you will be seen by one of our anaesthetists to review your medical history prior to surgery.

These appointments may last a few hours. Please allow for this when planning your day for car parking fees.

If you are undergoing major surgery and have multiple or complex medical problems the Surgical or Anaesthetic Team may refer you to our Perioperative Medicine Clinic for a more detailed assessment of your baseline level of fitness for surgery prior to surgery. This is led by Anaesthetist and you may be requested to perform a Cardiopulmonary Exercise Test.