Wellbeing co-ordinators

Every good conversation starts with listeningWellbeing co-ordinators like Jill work with people aged 50 and older who live with a range of conditions. They will ask you what is important to you to help you plan to live well.

They can help make connections with like-minded people, arrange activities or hobbies, or offer advice. Wellbeing co-ordinators are part of community health and wellbeing teams , and are well-placed to link in with health and care professionals including GPs, nurses and therapists.

This short video shows how Jill, a wellbeing co-ordinator, has made a big difference to Nigel’s life, helping him to take care of those things that matter most to him.

“Whenever I see an older patient and I think they might benefit from the support of a Wellbeing Co-ordinator, perhaps to help them get out and about in their local community, meet people and make new friends, then – with their consent – I will refer them to a Wellbeing Co-ordinator.”

BBC Spotlight featured the Wellbeing Programme, broadcast in May 2018.