Wellbeing Co-ordinators

Every good conversation starts with listeningIf you are over 50 and living with long-term conditions (which can be anything from arthritis or diabetes to chronic pain or being in a low mood) and you are feeling a bit on your own, then a Wellbeing Co-ordinator can:

  • help you to focus on what matters or is important to you
  • give you their time and listen to you
  • help you to create your plan for living well, for up to 12 weeks as appropriate
  • link you to community resources
  • support you to make connections with like-minded people
  • give practical help to enable you to make the most of life.

Wellbeing Co-ordinators can also link-in with health and care professionals as needed over a period of up to 12 weeks to ensure you receive any continuing care.

GPs and our health and care professionals can refer you to the ‘Wellbeing Programme’ to help you with things that either sit outside the statutory sector responsibilities, or, where you are not certain what would be best, help you to manage your wellbeing better.

“Whenever I see an older patient at a low ebb, struggling with many chronic conditions and as a result, feels lonely and isolated and seems to have lost interest in life, then – with their consent – I will refer them to a Wellbeing Co-ordinator.”

Dr Andrew Thornton, GP Partner, Pembroke House Surgery and Locality Clinical Director for Paignton and Brixham

This short video shows how Jill, a Wellbeing Co-ordinator, has made a big difference to Nigel’s life, helping him to take care of those things that matter most to him.

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