How to access the service

If you would like to access our service, please ask your child’s Paediatrician, or another healthcare professional within the Trust, to make a referral.

The following must apply:

  • Your child must have a physical health condition and present with emotional, behavioural or psychological difficulties related to this.
  • Your child/young person is under the care of a Torbay and South Devon Paediatrician.
  • Your child/young person is informed about our service and has consented to the referral.
  • We will try to help with most worries or concerns that your child presents with, for more information regarding the service we offer please see our ‘Helpful resources‘ page.

    Referrals are accepted from healthcare professionals based within Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust. Referrals will be discussed on an individual basis in our weekly referrals meeting.