Knee replacement

Our knee replacement programme has been designed to help you prepare for surgery, recover more quickly and help you get back to normal life and activities as soon as possible. Alongside surgery, physiotherapy and occupational therapy, it encompasses programmes such as our Joint School and this series of videos that are provided to guide you through your treatment and reduce your anxiety.

If you have any questions, the main Trauma and Orthopaedics page will provide you with more details about our services, and who to contact.

An introduction to the Torbay Orthopaedic Rapid Recovery Programme

Advice and assessment before your operation

Making preparations at home for your surgery

Getting fit for your operation – Your lifestyle

Coming into hospital

Your operation

What happens after your operation?

Exercising after your operation

Knee exercises to aid your rapid recovery

Getting better at home

We hope that you have found these videos helpful. We use video across many of our services and you can see a list of the other services that use video.

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