Organ Donation

What is organ donation?

Organ donation is the gift of donating organs after someone dies. Just one person can help save and improve the lives of many.

Fact: You are much more likely to need an organ transplant than to become a donor.

Why do we need donated organs?

Organ transplants are lifesaving.

More than 10,000 people in the UK currently need a transplant, and this figure rises each year.

Fact: 1,000 people die waiting each year as there are not enough organs available, that’s three people every day.

Tissue donation

Tissue donation can help enhance the lives of many people. Almost anyone can be a tissue donor following their death; if this is something you choose to do you can help the lives of as many as 50 people.

Tissues are used for many things including to restore sight, repair heart defects, used as a natural dressing, and to assist with people receiving artificial joints.

If you have any questions regarding the donation of tissues please contact the Clinical Lead for Organ Donation.

Organ Donation at Torbay Hospital

Torbay Hospital aims to support NHS Blood and Transplant in their goal to “save and improve lives”.

Torbay Hospital has embraced national recommendations and has implemented a new strategy to increase awareness of organ donation locally by asking each patient admitted to the hospital if they have registered their wishes on the Organ Donor Register.

Would you take an organ if you needed one? Nearly everyone would. But only 29% of us have joined the Organ Donor Register.

By asking you at “check in” we are hoping that this will inspire you to discuss your wishes with your loved ones so that if circumstances arise where your loved ones are asked to make a decision about organ and tissue donation they can be reassured that they are respecting your end of life care beliefs at a very difficult time.

In recording your answer, this information is not shared with anyone, including the Organ Donor Register.


National Organ Donor Line: 0300 123 23 23
Torbay Hospital Clinical Lead for Organ Donation
South West Organ Donation Team Specialist Nurses: 0300 123 1108

How do I join the Organ Donor Register?

You can join the Organ Donor Register in any of the following ways:

It is very important that you share your wishes and opinions around organ donation with your family and friends; otherwise it may come as a surprise to them at a time when they are trying to deal with their loss.