Assessment process

What to expect?

If you meet the criteria to access the programme we will send you a questionnaire to fill in which asks you about your weight management history, your mental health and your medical history. You will also receive a form to get some blood tests done before your appointment so that we have up to date information.

Assessments are carried out at Totnes Community Hospital and Torbay Hospital with a Specialist Obesity Doctor, a Dietitian and a Physical Activity Specialist. As a multi disciplinary team we work holistically which means that we assess you by looking at everything that is happening in your life. We want you to be successful in the programme so we look at the things that could be hindering you to manage your weight. We are non-judgemental and understand how difficult it can be to manage weight.

  • You will have your height and weight measured so that we can determine your Body Mass Index, we will also take your blood pressure. The dietitian will ask questions about the types food that you eat and your eating patterns. You will also be asked some questions about your mental health.

  • The physical activity specialist will ask you about your current and past activity and about what things can stop you from exercising and may give you some ideas to get started with activity straight away.

  • The doctor will assess your medical history and look at your current health situation, we want you to be in the best place possible to start the programme so they may make some suggestions about some things you can change before starting the programme. This could be things like changes to medications or getting your diabetes under better control.

  • If we think you are ready for the programme you will be booked into a group of your choice and given a timetable with the dates of your appointments. You will also be given a timetable to start the closed physical activity sessions, you won’t have to wait until your programme starts to access these so you can get started straight away.

Bariatric surgery

You will also be asked if are interested in bariatric surgery as this programme is a pathway to these operations. You do not have to make a decision at the assessment, you will have plenty of time to decide if bariatric surgery is something that you would or wouldn’t like to have done.


What some of our service users have found helpful about the programme:

“Being able to talk with people with in the same situation, very encouraging and helpful.”
“I was very nervous but I was made to feel very welcome.”
“It helped me understand my eating habits, what food to eat and that gentle exercise is better than none.”
“The staff are friendly and extremely supportive.”