Are you a carer?

Answer these quick questions to find out if you’re an unpaid carer and qualify to use our services.

Q.1 Are you a friend or relative of someone who can’t manage alone without you?

Q.1a Are you sure? If you weren’t able to support them, would they be all right?

Q.1b Are they likely to deteriorate over the coming year?

Sorry, you are not considered to be a carer.

Q.2 Are they unable to manage because they have a physical, hearing, visual or learning disability; drug, alcohol or mental health issue; are frail or vulnerable; or have a long-term condition / illness including cancer?

Q.2a Are you sure? Have they any disability or health condition?

Sorry, you are not considered to be a carer. You may be interested in family support. For more information visit

Do you support them unpaid (and not as a voluntary job. Getting Carers’ Allowance is OK)?

Q.3a Do you receive Carers Allowance?

You are probably paid carer and not eligible for this support.

You are an unpaid carer and can use our services, no matter what age you are.

The people in the clips below, and on the New to caring page are carers, and gives details of the support and advice that is available. If you want to speak to someone, contact ‘Signposts for Carers‘.