Financial assessment and benefits

Tel: 01803 219700 (ask for the FAB team)

You may be eligible to receive financial support to help with the cost of your care, or other benefits, or that of someone you care for.

Our Financial Assessment and Benefits (FAB) team help people (or their carers when needed) to complete financial assessments for social care services and offer full benefits advice. We have to work to certain rules and regulations for both charging for care and making benefit claims.

We will visit you in your home or wherever you choose. You can have someone else with you. This could be family, friends or anyone of your choice. We will have an identity card to confirm who we are. We are accredited by the Department for Work and Pensions and Torbay Council, and we will be able to confirm the information needed for claims such as pension credit and housing benefits. When we review your charge we may do this over the phone or by post.

We try to undertake a fair and accurate financial assessment for social care services, and give welfare benefits advice and other information which we think may help you or the person you are caring for.

Why do we charge?

Unfortunately care and support services are not free, and the government rules at the moment advise how we are to charge for residential care, nursing care and non-residential services. See the Department of Health website.

How to get help

The FAB team will contact you when we receive a referral from your key worker. They will let us know what services you need; this could be chargeable services or benefits advice. You can also call 01803 219700 and ask for the FAB team.

The Financial assessment process

The Deferred payment agreement