John Parkes Unit

Torbay Hospital Annexe
187 Newton Road

Tel: 01803 655958


Child Development Centre

The John Parkes Unit Child Development Centre offers a service for pre-school children with a wide range of needs and abilities. Children all develop skills at different rates. Some walk or talk at a very early age, while others take a longer time to reach their developmental milestones. There are many other skills that children need to learn and may need a little extra help for them to acquire and develop. Some children have more complex difficulties to overcome and require ongoing therapy from our multidisciplinary team to help them achieve their full potential.

Assessment at John Parkes can help identify the areas where help is needed by looking at all areas of your child’s development and build on the strengths that your child already has, as well as putting you in touch with all the services and resources helpful in your child’s care.

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