Adult’s Speech and Language Therapy

Speech and Language Therapy
Hengrave House
Torbay Hospital
Lowes Bridge
Torquay TQ2 7AA

Tel: 01803 654539

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If you are a patient and would like to communicate with the Speech and Language Therapists using your computer, please visit our Patients Know Best Speech and Language Therapy service.

The service is provided to adults who suffer from a wide range of communication disorders, as follows:

  • Speech and language disorders secondary to stroke, head injury, or progressive neurological disease, and carcinoma of head and neck.
  • Voice disorders including laryngectomy.
  • Disorders of fluency.
  • Communication disorder secondary to severe learning disabilities.
  • Disorders of chewing and swallowing resulting from stroke, head injury, progressive neurological disease and carcinoma of the head and neck and learning difficulties.
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