David’s story

David's story

David loves walking, music and horses, having ridden in the New Forest where he lived as a boy. His family don’t live near him: he has a son in Dorset and a daughter in the USA. David is visually impaired (registered blind) due to a degenerative condition. He was referred to a Wellbeing Co-ordinator by the Complex Care Team.

When the Wellbeing Co-ordinator first met David, though very active, he had been deemed unsuitable for a guide dog or using a stick to guide him as he walked. He was therefore housebound, which was frustrating for a man who loves to get out and be active. He was climbing his stairs several times a day for exercise, but had lost the confidence to mingle with other people.

To the delight of his children and David himself, the Wellbeing Co-ordinator organised supported and accompanied walking for David several times a week. David’s wellbeing is now vastly improved and he loves to go out walking at least twice a week.

David is also an active member of the ‘Biscuit Band,’ a community initiative bringing people living alone at home together with people living in residential care and families with young children. The group comes together once a month to make music and create their own songs. David’s cheerful disposition is an inspiration to the other band members. He also often attends a local coffee morning and a men’s breakfast club, through the people he got to know as a result of him being on the wellbeing programme.

David says: “It’s wonderful, really. I get on so well with the girls, we have a real laugh when we go out walking and that is what it’s all about really, isn’t it. I look forward to it. And the music afternoons are a good way to spend time. I enjoy it even though I have to work harder than everyone else to remember the words because I can’t read the song sheets. Hugh the band leader is great, he keeps me on my toes!

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