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A voice therapist is a specialist member of the Speech and Language Therapy team who works with people who are having difficulties with their voice, or discomfort in their throat. They can also work with people who have a problem with a chronic cough.

We can see patients in a variety of locations and we try to offer appointments in the centre nearest to your home or place of work.

How to access the service

To access the service you can be referred by one of the following:

  • Ears, nose and throat consultant, or
  • By their GP,
  • Patients can also self-refer.

Some referrals will be prioritised, especially if you use your voice for work, such as if you are teacher or a singer.

If you have not been assessed by the ENT consultant we will probably need to refer you for an evaluation but your voice therapist will discuss this with you in your initial appointment.

What will happen at your appointment?

Please allow an hour for your first appointment. Your voice therapist will want to gain a thorough understanding of your voice or throat problem, including how it started, and how it is developing or changing. We also need to know about any your medical history and any medicines you take, so please bring along a list of your medications. We may ask you to complete a questionnaire, and may take a recording of your voice for monitoring.

Everyone we see will be given detailed advice on how best to take care of their voice and throat and may also be given a programme of exercises designed to treat their voice difficulties or throat discomfort.

Your voice therapist may also suggest other professionals who may be able to support you e.g. the smoking cessation service; however this would be after consultation with you and with your permission.

Further information

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