Resources and useful links

Some Adult Health Psychology resources and useful links you may find interesting.


Information on diagnosis, treatment options and where to turn for support for various problems, including: anger, anxiety and panic attacks, depression, loneliness, phobias, self-esteem, stress, sleep problems and more.

The NHS website

The NHS website is the UK’s biggest health website. They display information regarding specific health problems and have a useful service directory.

Mood Juice

Site aimed at reflecting on emotional problems and finding solutions. Also has easy access to self-help resources.

HOPE programme

A local programme to help people to deal with long-term health problems.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation

British Lung Foundation
Help Line: 03000 030 555

Breathe Easy Groups are support groups for people managing a lung disease across the country:

Reading Well for long term conditions

Reading Well helps you to understand and manage your health and wellbeing using self-help reading. The books are all endorsed by health experts, as well as people with living with the conditions covered and their relatives and carers.