Ophthalmology team

We have a large team of allied health professionals who support the consultants. We have healthcare assistants and ophthalmic technicians who are trained and have specialist skills to perform diagnostic tests and assist with surgical and laser procedures.

At Torbay we have been national leaders in pioneering training and development of ophthalmic specialist nurses. Our nurses deliver the majority of our intravitreal treatments, deliver ophthalmic local anaesthetics prior to surgery, undertake clinics, and triage our emergency calls.

We have a team of orthoptists who care for people with eye movement problems and help assess children’s vision and visual development.


NameSecretary telSub-speciality Expertise
Mr M Abbasi01803 654830​Medical Retina (Clinical Director)
Mr S Turner01803 654825Medical Retina and Macular Lead​
Mr A Frost01803 655168Cornea (Research Lead)​
Mrs Y Osoba01803 655141Medical Retina, Macula and Uveitis​
Miss T Sleep01803 655141Paediatrics and Adult Motility (Simulator Lead)​
Mr E Doyle01803 655164Surgical Retina​
Mr J Goodfellow01803 656474​Glaucoma (College Tutor)
Miss T Salam01803 654825​Oculoplastics (Governance Lead)
Miss J Jarzabek01803 654830​General Glaucoma and Primary Care and Eye Casualty Lead (Information and Guidelines Lead)
Ms R Kamal01803 655168​Medical Retina / General (Belgium Fellow Lead)
Mr N Edmeades01803 655141​Medical Retina and Macula (Uveitis Lead)
Mr J C Ruiz Morande01803 656473​General (Learning Disability Lead)
Ms J Court01803 655164​Cornea Lead