Local services and contact numbers

Local Falls Prevention service with contact numbers

  • Individual home falls prevention assessments and rehabilitation for those who are unable to get out.
  • Occupational and Physiotherapy assessments are available via health and social care zone teams. They may then offer rehabilitation or signpost to relevant groups.

Referrals via zones for anyone with a Torbay GP: 01803 219700
Southern Devon GPs: Ask your GP to refer you for physiotherapy

Rehabilitation falls prevention NHS groups

  • Newton Abbot Hospital
  • Brixham Hospital
  • Totnes Hospital
  • Dawlish Hospital

Free 12 week community strength and balance classes – Queries to: 0300 456 1006. Ask your GP to refer you to these.

  • Torquay Thursday am
  • Paignton Wednesday am
  • Brixham Monday am
  • Totnes Monday pm
  • Teignmouth Tuesday am
  • Newton Abbot Tuesday am

General health and social care needs

If you have any concerns about coping at home Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust can offer advice and where appropriate, support, perhaps in assessing for specialist equipment, the environment to reduce risks, financial assessments, or care support.

Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust 01803 219700.

Emergency response systems

Alarm buttons can be worn around the wrist or around the neck, are linked to a control centre and can be activated to raise the alarm at a time of need. A telephone socket and electrical socket close by are usually all that is required to install a system. There are many different systems nationally as control rooms can be anywhere in the country. Locally we have Torbay TeleHealthCare. They have an installation cost of £30 + VAT and then a regular 3 monthly charge of £41.47 + VAT (often these systems are VAT exempt).

Torbay TeleHealthCare 0300 456 4861 (calls charged at local rate).

Age UK website

For more information on Falls Prevention and other services for older people visit the Age UK website.

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