Gentle stretches

If you’re not currently doing any exercise we would recommend that you start by doing gentle stretches. This is a great way to start connecting with your body, and discover ways to begin to move gently and easily without increasing your pain.

Stretching is a form of physical movement in which a specific muscle or tendon is deliberately lengthened or held under tension. Several key benefits of stretching are improved circulation, better posture, enhanced coordination, stress relief, increased flexibility, and improved range of joint motion (American College of Sports Medicine, 2009).

Regular stretching can assist with improving your overall movement and ability to complete activities of daily living. Stretching can be performed from a lying down, seated or a standing position and can be adapted to suit your current ability.

Please see the Gentle stretches leaflet, and video clips below to help get you started.

In addition to these videos, you can also download our Gentle stretches leaflet

Gentle stretches introduction

Tricep stretch

Calf stretch

Hamstring stretch

Abdominal stretch

Lower back stretch

Trunk twist

Inner thigh stretch

Whole body stretch