Dental links

We aim to provide scientifically-reported evidence-based treatment. Unfortunately this treatment will not always be reported elsewhere on the internet. Please be advised that when surfing the internet for medical and dental advice, the information may be factually incorrect and/or biased. We can recommend the following websites for your information and we would reinforce the Disclaimer & Copyright policy.

General links

British Dental Association

British Dental Health Foundation
Raising public awareness of dental and oral health and promoting good dental health practices.

Department of Health
Improving the health and well-being of people in England.

The NHS website
The official gateway to National Health Service organisations on the Internet. Also includes a list of local services e.g. dentists.
Dental health website: Dental health, How much will I pay for NHS dental treatment? and Claim for help with health costs HC1.

NHS England
How to make a complaint or send a compliment to NHS England.

NHS 111

The General Dental Council
Works with the public and the profession to protect patients and promote confidence in dental professionals by regulating them in the UK.

  • Register qualified professionals.
  • Set high standards of dental practice and behaviour.
  • Quality-assure dental education.
  • Make sure that dental professionals keep up to date.
  • Help if you want to make a complaint about a dental professional.
  • Work to strengthen and improve and improve patient protection.


Orthodontic links

British Orthodontic Society
Website: Patient Information Leaflets.

Restorative dentistry links

What is Peridontal Disease

ACSRD – Association of Consultants and Specialists in Restorative Dentistry
Website: – Click on ‘Provision of Service’.

Dental implants

OMFS links

British Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons
There are numerous leaflets including:

  1. Apicectomy
  2. Canines
  3. Jaw Joint Problems
  4. Lichen Planus
  5. Maxillary Osteotomy
  6. Fractured Cheek Bone
  7. Fractured Lower Jaw
  8. Oral Cancer Staging
  9. Wisdom Teeth

Website: (click on ‘Members of the Public’).

Cancer treatment

Restorative Dentistry Oncology Clinic
Detailed clinical information and personal patient accounts of mouth cancer and related conditions from a clinic based at Leeds and Wakefield hospitals.