Patient Hub waiting list validation

Our ‘waiting list validation’ messages help us to improve communications with you while you wait to be seen.

We know that sometimes circumstances change, and you might not need your appointment with our outpatients services any more. Now we have a quick and easy online Patient Hub portal for you to manage all your outpatient referrals in one place.

If you’re a patient who has been waiting more than 12 weeks for an appointment with our outpatient services, you will receive a text inviting you to use Patient Hub.

All you need to do is to ensure your hospital records have an up-to-date mobile phone number and what your choice is (to remain on the list or tell us why not).

Once you’re logged in, you will be able to see all your outstanding referrals. We’ll ask you a few quick questions about each one to make sure you still want an appointment.

We’ll ask you how you want to progress with your referral. You can choose from a few options.

  • If you wish to remain on the list
  • If you wish to be removed as condition has improved
  • Or if you wish to be removed as treated elsewhere

Example messages and responses are as follows:

I would like to go ahead with my hospital appointment. My condition has not changed, and I still require treatment / opinion.
Thank you for confirming that you wish to remain on the waiting list, we are working hard to provide an appointment for you as soon as possible.
I no longer wish to have my hospital appointment as my symptoms have resolved and I am happy to be discharged.
Thank you, by pressing confirm someone from the healthcare team will review your request and we will write to confirm the outcome to you and your GP.
I no longer wish to have my hospital appointment as I have received / will be receiving treatment elsewhere and I am happy to be discharged.
Thank you, bu pressing confirm you will be removed from our waiting list and we will send a discharge letter to you and your GP.

What’s the purpose of this?

Patient Hub helps us to make sure our outpatient waiting lists are as up to date as possible. If you no longer need your appointment, we can move other patients further up the list.

As a patient this allows you to easily keep track if you have more than one referral. We know paper referral letters don’t suit everyone – they can be delayed in the post and are easily mislaid. Now you can have all your referrals in one place that you can access from your smart phone, tablet, or PC.

It also means we will not unnecessarily contact you about referrals you no longer need.

By using Patient Hub, you will be helping our trust to be more environmentally friendly by reducing our paper and printer-use.

Logging in to your account

You don’t need to set up your own account – we will do this for you. As soon as a referral is made and you become a patient at our trust, there will be an account in your name.

You don’t need to download anything – simply use the website link on your smart phone, tablet, or PC.

Follow these steps to login:

  • Click on the link in your text. Alternatively, you visit the Patient Hub portal.
  • On the login page, you will be asked to confirm your mobile number as well as your date of birth – please enter your date of birth as DD/MM/YYY.
  • You will be sent a six-digit authentication code by SMS.
  • Enter the code.
  • If you have entered your code incorrectly or it has expired (if you enter it after two and a half minutes), you will need to request a new code.

You can access your account at any time on the portal using the link. You can also bookmark this in your browser for quick access.

There’s no need to remember a username or password. You will follow the process above each time with a new six-digit security code.

How do I see my referrals?

Once you’re logged in to Patient Hub, you’ll see the referral tab on the first page you see.

Click on ‘Referrals’ to see information about your current referrals and their status.

If you have more than one referral, you will be able to see them all and manage each one individually.

I don’t have a smart phone

If you don’t have a smart phone, tablet, or PC, don’t worry. You’ll continue to receive any information about your referral on our waiting list by letter in the post.

We will never pause any communication with you if you can’t or don’t use Patient Hub.

If you wish to contact a service or department, contact details are available within our services section. Alternatively, please call our main switchboard on 0300 456 8000 (local rate) or 01803 614567 and ask for the service you require.

Can I opt out?

Use the link to opt out of all future communications on the portal. This means that we will update you through post as usual.